Global Azure Virtual Austria 2020

Build state of the art APIs with GraphQL and Azure Functions

Friday, April 24, 2020 10:00 - 10:50

GraphQL is a query language designed to build applications by providing an intuitive and flexible syntax and system for describing their data requirements and interactions. GitHub utilizes GraphQL as API because it offers greater adaptability for the developers. The choice to absolutely produce the data that a client needs is an incredible advantage over sending numerous REST calls to get the same. In this session you will learn how you can combine the strength of GraphQL with the power and scalability of the Azure platform to build state of the art APIs.

About Christian Glessner

Christian Glessner is founder and CEO of Hololux, a leading innovation agency. In an emerging digital world, Christian helps his clients to become more successful by using latest technologies like Serverless Computing, Mixed Reality and AI. His parents were entrepreneurs and he grew up between IT technology and economics. As a kid, he was deeply inspired by an amber, sparkling screen and it's blinking and promising cursor of an AS/400 in his parent’s office. "Ready" - The “Tabula Rasa” or in other words the chance of creating something entirely new from scratch is still driving his passion for information technologies. This year he was honored for the 9th time in a row for receiving the 'Microsoft MVP Award', an Oscar-like accolade conferred by Microsoft.

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