Global Azure Virtual Austria 2020

Identity Governance for Microsoft Azure

Friday, April 24, 2020 15:00 - 15:50

With Microsoft Azure as an evergreen service we need to be evergreen with our governance model as well. Join Martina on this end-to-end Microsoft Azure governance journey and learn about the foundation of a governance framework which helps organizations to adopt the solution to their organizational requirements and terms. Building a governance around Microsoft Azure is the key element for a successful implementation of services.

About Martina Grom

I am a Principal at atwork currently living in Vienna, Austria. My interests range from technology to travel. I am also interested in science fiction, writing, and innovation. I am recognized as an expert in Microsoft Cloud solutions. Since 2015, I am also a Regional Director for Microsoft. My expertise is related to online technologies, and my specialty is in Microsoft Cloud Services like Azure and Microsoft 365. I help architecture planning companies with cloud solutions, and provide strategy, consulting and architectural planning of cloud projects. In addition, I am one of the organizational heads of cloudusergroup for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. I have authored numerous books, articles and blogs. My passion is online and social media, cloud computing, cybersecurity. I have a Master’s of International Business Administration from the University of Vienna, Austria. Talk to me about: Cloud Computing, Cloud Architecture & Strategy, Change Management, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Enterprise Social.

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